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USAID and WHO project held a community enagagment event to raise the awarennes absout the the importance of learning CPR skills

19 December 2022

  • Doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is one of the first and most important acts to save life during sudden cardiac arrest

Studies have shown that chance of survival of a person falls by 10-15% for each minute of cardiac arrest without CPR delivery. On the otehr hand, immediate CPR can double or triple the survival rates after cardiac arrest.

It is not necessary to be health professional to deliver CPR and everyone can learn CPR skills. “Life saving hands” comummunity enegament event ad training was held at Deniz Mall on 18 Decmeber to raise the awarennes about the the importance of learning CPR skills and teach citisens hands-only CPR technique. The event was part of the Emergency Care System (ECS) Strengthening Week Activites supported by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and organized by WHO Country Office in collabration with the Ministry of Health, the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance and TABIB.

The event took place with the motto “Learn CPR, save live” and was open to all visitors of the Deniz Mall, including children aged 12 or above. It was the continutation of the basic life support awarennes event and training WHO held together with the Ministry of Health and Baku Medical Colleage 1 at the same venue a day before.

Fanara Bunyadzada

Fanara Bunyadzada

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