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IOM Azerbaijan supports the Government Azerbaijan on the CTIP National Action Plan implementation

20 October 2020

  • The United Nations Migration Agency - The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in the Republic of Azerbaijan organized a roundtable on National Action Plan (NAP) for 2020-2024 on Combating trafficking in human beings in the Republic of Azerbaijan approved on July 22, 2020.

This event held in the framework of Counter trafficking in person project funded by USAID was one of the interagency, government and civil sector discussions on the way forward to support the implementation of the National Action Plan activities.

Vladimir Gjorgjiev, the Chief of IOM Mission to Azerbaijan in his opening remarks gave a brief information about IOM’s support the Government of Azerbaijan’s and NGOs efforts on effectively combatting human trafficking. As he mentioned few activities within this project is to support the government of Azerbaijan on the implementation of NAP and improve combating human trafficking. “We further need to strength our work together in identifying more victims and continue providing assistance to the victims and potential victim, encourage regular screening among vulnerable population, identify gaps in area of protection, prosecution and address those gaps. NAP 4 contains number of activities that we are ready to support and are in line with the vision of Azerbaijan to become Tier 2 or even moving forward to Tier 1 in TIP report,” said Vladimir Gjorgjiev. 

During the roundtable 30 representatives of relevant Governmental entities, international organizations, NGOs, civil society organizations, Academia had an opportunity to discuss joint strategic initiatives and collaboration with each other regarding counter trafficking in person. Strengthening the current awareness-raising mechanisms, enhancing the activities of shelters and assistance centers operating in this field, financial security of specialized non-governmental organizations involved in combating human trafficking etc. were main topics. Among others discussions on sustainability of the NGOs, vision for self-employment opportunities for the VOT in collaboration with the MLSP, CSOs/ NGOs significant contribution to the NAP4 creation, MFA proactiveness for coordination with Azerbaijan Embassies and consular section for TIP experiences from another countries, and further work on prevention via information campaigns with MIA support and VAC proactive involvement, showed strong signals that Azerbaijan is moving in a right direction towards improving to Tier 2 and Tier 1 grading.    At the end, the exchange of views was held, opinions and suggestions were provided.

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