IOM Azerbaijan continues renovation works in kahrizes located in Aghdam region

  • Kankans of IOM Azerbaijan started rehabilitation works in the Heyvali kahriz located in the Ahmadaghali village of the Aghdam district within the current IOM Project “Integrated Rural Development for IDP communities in Azerbaijan through Revitalization of Kahriz Water Supply System” financed by the Korea International Cooperation Agency. 

This is the third kahriz that rehabilitation work started, now using the new technology. In total 26 wells for Heyvali kahriz will be drilled by a vertical auger drilling machine. This new technology makes it possible to achieve large drilling depths in a relatively short amount of time without labor needs.

Heyvali kahriz beneficiaries are all the IDPs from Banovshali settlement and community of Ahmadaghali village.

The four-year project aims to provide safe and consistent water supplies for over 8,000 families in rural areas of Aghdam, Aghjabedi, Barda, Fuzuli, Ganja, Gazakh, Goranboy and Goygol districts through the renovation of over 40 kahrizes – a man-made, centuries-old, traditional water-supply system that does not need electricity or fossil fuel to function. In addition to the renovating the kahrizes, the project has components that involve capacity building, business development and a strong engagement with academia.   

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