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United Nations and PwC Azerbaijan Kick Off ESG Summit: Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Development

04 July 2024

The discussions underscored the critical need for collaboration and innovative solutions in advancing sustainable development.

Baku, Azerbaijan – July 3, 2024

The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Summit, organized by the United Nations Azerbaijan and PwC Azerbaijan, commenced today. The summit, themed "Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Development," is part of the broader initiative "29 Climate Conversations: The Road to COP29," in preparation for the 2024 UN Climate Change Conference (COP29) to be hosted by Azerbaijan this November.

The summit aims to foster dialogue and collaboration between public and private entities, promoting the integration of ESG principles to address global climate challenges. Key objectives include discussing the role of regulations and standards in ESG compliance, showcasing successful public-private partnership (PPP) models, identifying challenges and opportunities, engaging diverse stakeholders, and driving concrete actions toward achieving climate goals.


Summit’s participants were welcomed by Mr. Mukhtar Babayev, President-Designate COP29 (via video message); Mr. Vusal Shikhaliyev, Head of the Secretariat of the Commission on Business Environment and International Ratings, and Head of Sector for the Department of Economic Policy and Industrial Issues at the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan; Mr. Sahib Mammadov, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ms. Nigar Arpadarai, High-level UN Climate Champion and Member of Parliament, Mr. Orkhan Mammadov, Chairman of the Board of Small and Medium Business Development Agency of Azerbaijan (KOBIA), Ms. Vladanka Andreeva, UN Resident Coordinator in Azerbaijan, and Mr. Shaukat Tapia, PwC Country Managing Partner.

Vladanka Andreeva, the UN Resident Coordinator in Azerbaijan, emphasized the crucial role of collaboration between the public and private sectors in achieving sustainable development goals. She stated “Integrating ESG practices isn’t just about compliance—it’s about creating value, managing risks, and contributing to a sustainable future for us, our children, and future generations.”

During his speech, Mr. Shaukat Tapia, PwC Country Managing Partner, mentioned, "At PwC Azerbaijan, we believe that integrating ESG principles into business strategies is essential for long-term success and sustainability. This summit provides a vital platform for fostering public-private collaboration, which is crucial for addressing the complex challenges of climate change. By working together, we can create robust frameworks that support sustainable growth, enhance stakeholder trust, and drive meaningful impact. The insights and strategies shared here will be instrumental in helping Azerbaijani companies navigate their ESG journeys and contribute to a more resilient future."

The morning session featured keynote presentations on public-private synergies for climate action, the SDG Investor Platform, and strategies for bridging policy gaps to foster green growth. In the afternoon, panel discussions delved into the integration of ESG principles into Azerbaijan's government policies and corporate strategies. The discussions underscored the critical need for collaboration and innovative solutions in advancing sustainable development.

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