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Dr. Jemilah Mahmood lectured on planetary health in Baku within the Kaptalks, the joint initiative of UNDP and the European Commission

27 June 2024

The lecture that was organised in a hybrid format is part of the preparations to COP29 to be held later this year in Baku. 

Baku, June 27, 2024. 

The Kapuscinski development lectures, a joint initiative of the United Nations Development Programme and the European Commission, organised a seminar titled as “Living in a complex world: can planetary health offer a way forward?” 

The lecture was delivered by Prof. Tan Sri Dr. Jemilah Mahmood, the Executive Director of the Sunway Centre for Planetary Health, the Sunway University Malaysia. During the lecture held in an interactive format, human risks, health crises and responses, especially caused by climate change, and other related topics were discussed. The planetary health is the key to Sustainable Development. Dr. Jemilah Mahmood highlighted the conflicts, food insecurity and displacement that all create fertile ground where infectious diseases spread more easily weakening people’s immune systems even further. 

The speaker noted that humanitarian systems now also face added pressure and responsibility in making sure that crises responses do not cause harm to planetary health and exacerbate risk and vulnerability in the long run. The lecture that was organised in a hybrid format is part of the preparations to COP29 to be held later this year in Baku. The event in partnership with the Azerbaijan Medical University brought together health and education community members, experts, academicians, students, local authorities, diplomats, and civil society members. In the frame of the visit to Azerbaijan, Dr. Jemilah Mahmood had a series of meetings with a specific reference to health, safety, climate change, environmental protection, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other relevant topics. 

The professor visited the COP29 Presidency Office taking the opportunity to have discussions with Mr. Yalchin Rafiyev, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and COP29 Lead Negotiator.

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