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Alessandra Roccasalvo: II Baku Forum on Sustainable Development to contribute to the advancement of the whole region

17 November 2023

II Baku Forum on Sustainable Development was conducted bringing together leaders, experts, and stakeholders from around the world to explore innovative strategies and financing frameworks for a more sustainable future. 

During the Forum, the Azerbaijan SDG Investor Map and the Impact Investing Ecosystem Study were launched, providing valuable insights into sustainable investment opportunities in Azerbaijan. Discussions moderated by experts in the field revolved around topics such as reshaping financial architecture, driving investments for the SDGs, digitalization for competitive economies, and impact measurement and management, climate finance and biodiversity finance.

The panel sessions were inaugurated by representatives from the ministries of the participating countries in the Forum, signifying a collective commitment to advancing sustainable development on a global scale. 

Thanking the Government of Azerbaijan, the Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development (UNDP ICPSD) as well as all the participants and esteemed speakers for unwavering support, collaboration and contribution to these vital conversations, Ms. Alessandra Roccasalvo, the UNDP Resident Representative a.i., stressed that the insights gained and partnerships forged during the Forum will play a crucial role in charting the course for sustainable and inclusive development in Azerbaijan and beyond.

The seeds of collaboration planted during these two days hold the potential to blossom into impactful projects that contribute to the well-being of communities, the preservation of our planet, and the advancement of the whole region, Ms Roccasalvo concluded.

Jeyhun Alakbarov

Jeyhun Alakbarov

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