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IOM Azerbaijan officially handed over renovated kahrizes to local community in Aghdam and Goranboy district

29 August 2022

  • IOM Azerbaijan officially handed over renovated Goylen-1 kahriz located in Baharli settlement of the Ahdam district and Tatoghlu-1 kahriz located in Qaradaghli village of the Goranboy district within the current IOM Project “Integrated Rural Development for IDP communities in Azerbaijan through Revitalization of Kahriz Water Supply System” financed by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

Within the project, IOM Azerbaijan has already renovated 17 kahrizes in Aghdam, Granboy and Gazakh districts.

The project aims to provide safe and consistent water supplies for people in the region through the renovation of kahrizes – a traditional, sustainable water supply system.

The project’s overall objective is to contribute to the prevention of forced economic migration by enhancing access of rural communities in Azerbaijan to energy-free water resources as a means to increase agriculture productivity and livelihoods through the provision of water infrastructure, by providing opportunities for income-generating activities in link with Kahriz renovation. The project continues to implement a community-driven approach, paying specific attention to cross-cutting issues such as gender, governance, and environmental sustainability.

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