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UNDP releases a series of manuals on gender and inclusivity for the civil society organisations in Azerbaijan

22 June 2022

  • UNDP developed a series of manuals for the civil society organisations (CSOs) to guide in designing and implementing more inclusive and gender-sensitive projects.

The manuals are produced as part of the ‘Developing innovation-driven and sustainable civil society in Azerbaijan’ project funded by the European Union. The booklets cover three areas: strengthening inclusive participation in community-based projects; developing
gender-sensitive projects; and mainstreaming gender in policy development.

The manuals explain key gender and community development concepts, offer methodologies for gender analysis and various techniques for community participation and consensus building. The manuals are part of an intensive capacity enhancement programme and complement trainings and webinars organized by the project to help CSOs more effectively address sustainable development challenges.

The release of the manuals comes at a planned time as the CSOs are preparing their applications for the two Small Grants Programme launched by the project. With a total budget of around US$ 1 million, the project plans to award up to 37 best CSOs-led initiatives in gender equality, climate change and post-COVID recovery.

To apply, organisations should submit the requested documents (
by 24 June 2022.

Links to read and download the manuals:

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