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European Training Foundation visits vocational education centers in Azerbaijan

06 May 2022

  • The European Union (EU), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the State Agency on Vocational Education (SAVE) continue advance modernisation agenda of the vocational education centers in Azerbaijan.

As part of the EU-funded “VET for the Future” project, the European Training Foundation (ETF) mission team visited the Jalilabad State VET Center with the aim to monitor the progress and to identify further support measures in this area.

The official visit is attended by the expert team of the ETF, high-level officials of the organising bodies, the government representatives, and the regional management of the VET Center.

During the 2-days visit, the officials met with the regional staff of this Center and the career support coordinators, held meetings with the private sector companies and other stakeholders involved within this project.

The participants discussed the current progress patterns and opportunities in various areas of vocational education including the curriculum, labour market relevance and employment possibilities for women and men graduates in regions.

The ETF is a European Union agency with a mandate to contribute, in the context of EU’s external relations policies, to improving human capital development in partner countries by delivering high quality and timely support to the EU’s external policies and actions.

In cooperation with the ETF, Azerbaijan is undertaking a review of VET policy through the framework of the Torino Process (TRP) as part of the Eastern Partnership agenda. The focus of TRP is on delivering a high-quality assessment of VET policy from a lifelong-learning perspective involving youth and adults.

Meanwhile, this mission of ETF within the ETF Country programme 2022 aims to review the progress at VET Centers level and open the analysis to broader socio-economic issues relevant to human capital development. All efforts are targeted to provide a holistic perspective and “training for all” approach in vocational education while leaving no one behind.  

As the cooperation partner of the “VET for the Future” project, ETF conducts annual monitoring visits to Azerbaijan. These visits aim to provide constructive suggestions referring to the international experiences and to closely help the process in order to tackle any potential challenges.

The key focus in the ETF Country programme is providing support to skills development for modern and knowledge-based economy in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan | ETF (   

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