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IOM Azerbaijan and State Migration Service successfully completed a two-day Regional Workshop

29 November 2021

  • On 25-26 November 2021, a regional workshop (online and offline) on the elaboration of joint recommendations for the Roadmap of the Regional Training Center on Migration (RTCM) in Azerbaijan is held within the framework of “Supporting the establishment of a regional training center on migration in Azerbaijan” project.

Representatives of the government stakeholders, migration agencies of Moldova, Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Iran, Turkmenistan, civil society, academia from Russia and the target region and Azerbaijan participated in the workshop. 

The event began with the official opening session where the participants were welcomed by Mr Vladimir Gjorgjiev, Chief of Mission for IOM Azerbaijan, Ms Vladanka Andreeva, Resident Coordinator, United Nations Azerbaijan, and Mr Vusal Huseynov, Chief of the State Migration Service.  

In his opening remarks, Mr Gjorgjiev highlighted the importance of the RTCM for regional countries which will contribute to the process of training and education in the field of migration. “Azerbaijan was not chosen by chance for the location of the RTCM, since this country is located at the intersection of historical and cultural trade routes and is surrounded by countries which have important migration flows. All our partners from regions countries will be benefited and contribute to the RTCM, by sharing their best practices, expertise, and will establish more in-depth collaboration among migration stakeholders,” said Mr Gjorgjiev, Chief of IOM Azerbaijan. 

According to the UN Resident Coordinator in Azerbaijan Vladanka Andreeva, the creation of the regional training center will help the countries share experience in migration. “The Regional Training Center for Migration will be a knowledge hub and countries will be able to share their best practices on migration management, to establish migration-specific national research institutions and build relevant knowledge cross-links at national and international level and in line with the Global Compact on Migration vision,” said Ms Vladanka UN Resident Coordinator. 

Mr Vusal Huseynov, Chief of the State Migration Service in his speech said the RTCM which gathers experts from the region countries would be an effective platform for strengthening education and training opportunities. “The project on the creation of the regional training center on migration in Azerbaijan is being implemented for already a year. We have already held three training sessions as part of the project,” said Mr Huseynov. 

The agenda of the workshop during which the participants elaborated recommendations for a roadmap of the RTCM covered the introductory presentation of RTCM and its future vision, Assessment of current institutional capacities and training needs on migration, Goals, and objectives of the Road Map, IOM African Capacity Building Centre for Migration Management, Identification of training capacity development needs in the main migration pillars. 

The "Supporting the establishment of a Regional Training center on Migration Management in Azerbaijan" project funded by IDF (IOM Development Fund) aims to enhance regional training capacities and cooperation on migration management in Azerbaijan, region, CIS countries, and beyond via the Regional Training Centre on Migration that will serve as a hub for knowledge sharing, research, and policy dialogue with governments and a broad range of stakeholders in the field of migration in the region.

IOM Azerbaijan and State Migration Service successfully completed a two-day Regional Workshop

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