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IOM Azerbaijan facilitates a study visit to France for Azerbaijani Officials

26 August 2021

  • On 24-25 August 2021, IOM Azerbaijan organized a study visit to Paris, France, for the API/PNR Working Group members of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The visit was organized within the “Enhancing Passenger Processing Capacities in Azerbaijan in line with International Best Practices and Standards” project funded by IOM Development Fund. The delegation of seven officials included representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Customs Committee, State Security Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Foreign Intelligence Service, State Migration Service.

The first day of the study visit started with the meetings with National Travel Data Service (SNDV) officials. SNDV is a French national inter-ministerial institution dealing with the exploitation of API/PNR data. The delegation was briefed on designing, implementing, and improving systems to collect and use travel data from or to France. SNDV’s maritime PNR project was also presented. As the operating systems are used on the operating platform of the Passenger Information Unit (PIU), second-day meetings were on introduction to the French PIU organization and functioning. The study visit gave the Azerbaijani delegation an opportunity to observe and discuss important aspects of API/PNR implementation, reflect upon their own legislative reform, as well as issues and challenges around implementation. This experience is expected to contribute noticeably to the working group's perspective work.

The study visit was successfully completed in a positive collegial and collaborative manner. New experiences and capacities in the area of API/ PNR and PIU were gained and relevant Government institutions will greatly benefit from it.

IOM Azerbaijan facilitates a study visit to France for Azerbaijani Officials

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