EU funded project provides new training opportunities for civil society organisations in Azerbaijan

  • The three-day training on gender-sensitive approaches brought together 15 local civil society organizations and active community groups, marking the start of a new European Union (EU) funded project to support modern, innovation-driven and sustainable civil society in Azerbaijan.

Implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), this EUR 3 million project will help increase civil society organisations capacities to engage in policy-making processes, local development, and social innovation.

Over the next three years, this project will focus on women’s empowerment, supporting social enterprises and helping the most vulnerable to cope with the COVID-19 crisis, while also directing efforts in new areas such as climate action, animal rights and support for innovation. 

Support to CSOs will include organising training and developing learning materials, providing demand-driven mentoring, coaching and advisory support, organising peer learning and knowledge exchanges, networking, study tours and a small grants programme – all with the aim to contribute to the further development of a vibrant civil society that will support efforts to create better lives for the people of Azerbaijan.

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