EU-WHO project provided training to around 1000 medical and nursing students

  • The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has once more reminded us of the importance of infection prevention and control measures, including hand hygiene practices.

To contribute to raising public awareness on hand hygiene and enhance the knowledge and skills of future healthcare professionals in this field, EU-WHO joint Solidarity for Health Initiative project trained around 1000 students from 7 medical faculties and 11 nursing schools in Azerbaijan on handwashing and sterile glove-wearing techniques at care points. 

Based on the blended learning method, training took place in several online platforms synchronized with each other. The participants passed pre & post-testing during the training to check how they improved their knowledge and skills. 

The training is part of the hand hygiene competitions among medical and nursing students organized by the EU-WHO project. The competition will end on June 28 and 57 winners identified by a jury will receive prizes including notebook, tablet, and medical devices.

EU-WHO project will continue activities to raise awareness on various infection prevention and control measures and provide training to strengthen the professional capacities in this field.

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