National Technical Committee established within the Project “Catalysing the Efficiency and Sustainability of Azerbaijan’s Hazelnut Sector – HAZER” held its second online meeting

  • The event brought together representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, other governmental agencies and structures, as well as experts form private sector and international organizations, including the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

With focusing on small farmers, National Technical Committee is established to improve the quality and production of hazelnuts in Azerbaijan. The Committee is a platform where state organizations, including newly-created government agencies and private sector come together for a dialogue. 

At the meeting, an international expert with many years of experience in agronomy, Ms Uygun Aksoy made presentations on “Marmorated Stink Bug and its negative effect on hazelnut orchards” and “Aflatoxins and ways to prevent contamination”.

The project is implemented within FAO-Azerbaijan Partnership Programme in cooperation with the The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Realization of the project covers north-west and north-west regions of Azerbaijan (focusing mainly on hazelnut producing districts - Balakan, Gakh, Zagatala and Khachmaz). Main goal of the project is to increase efficiency of hazelnut production and reduction of risks of aflatoxins contamination through using of mechanization technologies as well as to increase the quality of hazelnut through giving small farmers an opportunity to apply advanced agricultural expertise. The project aims to expand the opportunities for newly formed government institutions and government agencies to establish a dialogue with private sector participants.

An open discussion between the participants was followed up.

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