IOM Azerbaijan launches the public information campaign ‘Be aware!’

  • The main goal of the public information campaign "Be aware" of the IOM office in Azerbaijan is to draw attention to social issues that pose a threat to society amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every negative factor that disrupts social harmony in society is in fact just as harmful as the coronavirus. You can learn about these dangers from the illustrations produced as part of the campaign. We invite each of you to support us by sharing these images on various social media with the hashtag #ferqindeol. Detailed information on the "Be aware" public awareness campaign can be found on the website

“In addition to the direct impacts of the COVID-19 virus on population, we should recognize the secondary potentially traumatic effects of the pandemic on individuals and communities. The combination of prolonged stress, close quarters, closed businesses and self-isolation guidelines has increased the risk of domestic violence, child abuse, xenophobia, and discrimination,” Vladimir Gjorgjiev, IOM’s Chief of Mission in Azerbaijan explained. “Through this information campaign, our mission seeks to equip the public with the information they need to know about the COVID-19 crisis and its consequences which are going to have a long, yet undetermined course.”

Within the framework of countering consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, IOM Azerbaijan designed a series of promotional materials with the aim of sensitizing citizens about the importance of avoiding xenophobia, hate speech, domestic violence, violent extremism, and disinformation. 

In order to draw the attention of a wide audience to the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences, as well as to increase knowledge and response from the targeted audience, the posts produced in Azerbaijani and English languages will be disseminated through online media channels and in a public banners.

Currently, within the campaign, large posters are displayed in streets of the capital and other main cities of Azerbaijan, public places illustrating different types of impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic that pose a threat to society. 

The "Be aware" public awareness campaign, which will continue through the end of April, is part of the Public Action for Sustainability project implemented by IOM Azerbaijan with financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The campaign's partner organization is the Foundation for the Promotion of Moral Values under the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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